Taznakht rugs: the most beloved Berber carpets!

Taznakht rugs

Taznakht rugs, the most beloved berber carpets!

Taznakht is a Berber (Amazigh) town in the south of Morocco surrounded by the Anti-Atlas mountains. The word Taznakht in Berber means quiet, this reflects the nature of the region which is known with its calmness.

Although the calmness of the town of Taznakht, it’s known in Morocco and also in the world by the high quality of its carpets throughout history. The Berber women in Taznakht mastered the art of hand-woven carpets. These women use traditional tools and natural materials including wool and natural coloring products, extracted from some stones and local plants ( Henna, Saffron,…), to make  the carpets.

When you look at the designs of their handmade carpets, you recognize the beauty of the Berber touch that makes those items pieces of art. Each Taznakht rug as well as the other Berber carpets design reflects a story from the Berber women’s imagination. Therefore, we can say that each handmade Berber carpet has a story to be told and a deep meaning to explore. When we talk about imagination, it is generally inspired by the cultural symbols and the environment  of these Berber women. Most of Berber symbols and colors used in each carpet reflect the land, the family, the protection of heritage and all other sacred values for the Berbers.

To develop and protect the natural and ecological handicraft products, as well as to support and motivate the Berber women who work in the manual weaving of carpets, and all with the aim of pleasing and satisfying our customers by providing them with natural, ecological, and high-quality products, iCarpet company opened a workshop in the region of Taznakht and hired the best Berber women, weavers, to make Berber handmade carpets according to the demand and the desire of our customers around the world. 

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